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What is the minimum number of guests I can have at a party catered by you?

...Monday through Thursday 30. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 50.


•  Do you customize your menus? What if I don’t see something but I really want it at my event?

...Yes! We encourage you to spend time perusing our menus which we’ve provided to spur your appetite, however, give us a call or fill out the Contact Us page with your favorites, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


•  How far away will you cater?

...This depends on the type of event, number of guests, the venue, and how many parties we have reserved that same day. We provide catering services throughout the greater Bay Area and Silicon Valley. This question is best answered on a case by case basis. Please fill out our Contact Us page.


•  Can you provide tables, chairs, and linens for my event?

... We own all of our own tables, chairs, china & glassware. We also stock a large selection of linens. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we can definitely get it for you.


• Do you provide wedding planning and coordination?

...Yes. Someone needs to orchestrate the timing of your grand entrance after photos announcing the newly married bride and groom, moving a buffet line, making sure the event is timed for toasts, first dance, cake cutting, music, announcements and much more. Be sure to click on the Catering by Dana weddings page to see all the coordination we offer.


•  Do you offer vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options?



•  Can I have a tasting at Catering by Dana and Absolute Barbecue Company?

...Yes, please call us for more details or fill out our Contact Us page. There is a fee for the tasting.


•  How far in advance shall I reserve my event?

...A lot depends on the type of catering you desire (i.e. wedding, Holiday party), but we suggest the earlier the better. A good guestimate is one to two months or more for Holidays and weddings. We have been known to do last minute, but forward planning helps us to help you.


• Do you accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and personal checks?

...Yes. For credit card transactions, we will charge customary convenience fees.


• What is included with your barbecues?

...Biodegradable plate ware, utensils and napkins, all serving tables and equipment.


• How much set up and break down time do you need to plan for an event?

...Usually two hours for set up and one hour for break down.


• How much space do you need when catering my event?

...We arrive in a fourteen foot box truck. We need somewhere to park our trucks – preferably off the street and about a 20 by 20 foot space next to truck(s) to set up our preparation area. We will discuss this with you when you book an event.


•  Are your companies environmental health inspected, licensed and insured?



• Can I have a environmentally friendly/green event?


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